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You may apply to the Call of Fate as a new recruit (interested in guild membership), or simply register as a visitor to chat in the forums and respond to posts.
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In which Branches (games) will we find you, and what is your primary character name?
If you are new to the Call of Fate, welcome! If you have any background you'd like to share - how you found us, what you are looking for in our community, or what positives you'll bring to our community - feel free to let us know here.
Were you referred by a current CoF member? If so, enter their name here.
A tiny gnome, small even by gnomish standards, takes your letter of introduction and disappears through an equally diminutive ironbound door under the sideboard.

It appears that someone will be reviewing your credentials soon enough. In the meantime, the great hall is hospitable to visitors...
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