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MMO News
As a part of our Inside ESO series, we're looking for your best Elder Scrolls Online class builds! We'll be partnering with Zenimax Online to pick the best or most creative submissions, and the winner will receive a crown pack to spend i...
Published May 27, 2016
The Black Desert Online team has announced that the Valencia and Siege Mode updates to the game are going to be delayed. They have not given a timeline for release but indicated that a technical issue that cropped up during the adaptatio...
Published May 27, 2016
PlayStation 4 SMITE fans have little time left to wait. Hi-Rez Studios has sent brief word that the official launch date for the SMITE PlayStation 4 version is now scheduled for Tuesday, May 31st.
Published May 27, 2016
Valencia is the next major content expansion coming to Black Desert Online soon, and in anticipation we spoke to Daum Games about the laundry list of new content, changes, and of course... sieges!
Published May 27, 2016
To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the release of the original Dragon Quest game, Square Enix has announced a new title, Dragon Quest Builders, coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in October 2016.
Published May 27, 2016
Guild News
Did you play Warhammer on Ostermark or Phoenix Throne?  The Call of Fate is looking for you!  We'd love to get everyone from those servers to come join us in Guild Wars 2.  See this thread below for details.
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