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MMO News
During Twitch's Amazon Game Studios' Unboxing event, the third game we saw unveiled was Crucible. Crucible is a battle to the last survivor on a hostile alien world. Players choose and customize heroes, making alliances and betraying all...
Published Sep 30, 2016
One game we saw briefly during the Twitch Unboxing event for Amazon Game Studios was New World - a fantastic looking take on the 17th Century North America where the supernatural is real and players work together and against each other t...
Published Sep 30, 2016
Tonight at a special "Unboxing" event at Twitch Con in California, Amazon Game Studios is unveiling several games. The first confirmed title is Breakaway: an eSports-driven experience focused on heroes of mythology competing for prestige...
Published Sep 30, 2016 has been provided with beta keys for the upcoming Revelation Online closed beta in October.
Published Sep 30, 2016
Wargaming has sent word that its top-down shooter is now available on both GoG and Steam. Players can grab a Standard Edition for $17.99 or the Deluxe Edition for $19.99, each with the base game and other in-game items.
Published Sep 30, 2016
Guild News
Did you play Warhammer on Ostermark or Phoenix Throne?  The Call of Fate is looking for you!  We'd love to get everyone from those servers to come join us in Guild Wars 2.  See this thread below for details.
Good time to check it out. Free boost to starter level and artifact weapons are a nifty new addition.
I may have to give it a shot. I havent played WoW in years.
Come and play Legion, Saet!
I miss the guild. I hope you are all doing well.
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