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MMO News
There's far too much holiday cheer to fit into one news item so prepare for a jolly barrage!
Published Dec 20, 2014
It's the time of year when every MMO feels the need to include yule logs and snow queens and Santa Claus proxies - Here's a mere partial list of holiday activities for anyone feeling a sudden need to be jolly.
Published Dec 20, 2014
I'll admit, when I first heard about Alienware's plans to release a handful of console-sized PCs with a modified version of Steam's Big Picture (a prelude to their own SteamOS), I was a bit confused. It seemed almost as though Alienware ...
Published Dec 19, 2014
Roberts Space Industries has released an amazing new trailer for Star Citizen. Called "Imagine", the entire trailer was made with images created using the game's engine. Check it out and let us know what you think!
Published Dec 19, 2014
The Landmark team was on hand the other day to show off some of the big changes coming to the game in the 'monster update', the final patch before the end of the year. Team members chatted about salvaging, monsters and caves while showin...
Published Dec 19, 2014
Guild News
Did you play Warhammer on Ostermark or Phoenix Throne?  The Call of Fate is looking for you!  We'd love to get everyone from those servers to come join us in Guild Wars 2.  See this thread below for details.
ff14 is $10 from SE site
The Saints were really worrying me there at first Baka.
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