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MMO News
Earlier Blizzard has released wildly popular World of Warcraft lore encyclopedia, namely Chronicle: Volume 1. It concentrated on lore surrounding the creation of universe and primal Azeroth - Black Empire, Troll Wars, War of the Ancients...
Published Feb 19, 2017
As Bill is always telling me, it's never a slow week in gaming news and this week is no exception. From the EU Final Fantasy Fanfest that our own Rob Lashley attended and killed news wise to Blizzard's big week for updates to a ton of vi...
Published Feb 19, 2017
The Life is Feudal team is ready to test out couple of systems that will apply to MMO portion of the game. Starting February 20th and through the next 2 weeks, the team is holding the second test run.
Published Feb 19, 2017
Artix Entertainment put up a new open beta trailer for MMO Adventure Quest 3D. The video highlights some of the game's features such as the chance to play cross-platform between PC, mobile devices and tablets, level your character, run t...
Published Feb 19, 2017
On the evening of the Frankfurt Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest there was a cosplay contest to celebrate the joy of final fantasy. There were 30 entries selected for the final stage presentation. From those seven were chosen for additional rec...
Published Feb 19, 2017
Guild News
Did you play Warhammer on Ostermark or Phoenix Throne?  The Call of Fate is looking for you!  We'd love to get everyone from those servers to come join us in Guild Wars 2.  See this thread below for details.
...i have a red pencil box.
Yeah sad to see AC go.
RIP Asheron's Call
Happy New Year!
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