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MMO News
As part of the continuing nod to legendary martial arts expert and actor, Bruce Lee, the Conquer Online team has announced a new playable class that will arrive in game on October 30th. To celebrate the announcement, the team has put tog...
Published Oct 1, 2014 and Trion have partnered to bring you closed beta test access keys for Trove - the exciting new open ended voxel MMORPG! This key will give you beta access until the open beta phase begins! Get your key now while supplies last!
Published Sep 30, 2014
Star Trek Online Lead Designer Al 'CaptainGeko' Rivera has penned the latest developer blog leading up to the next expansion, Delta Rising. In this edition, Rivera talks about how stories are brought to life. He reveals that the team dec...
Published Sep 30, 2014
Rift players who can't wait for the Nightmare Tide expansion to officially launch can head to the Public Test Server to check it out now that open beta has officially commenced. Nightmare Tide will launch on October 8th.
Published Sep 30, 2014
Guild News
Did you play Warhammer on Ostermark or Phoenix Throne?  The Call of Fate is looking for you!  We'd love to get everyone from those servers to come join us in Guild Wars 2.  See this thread below for details.
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