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MMO News
Razor Edge Games has revealed the latest "Marauder Groups" from Epocylipse The AfterFall. The Mid-Atlantic group, most notably the Reapers, are in business to harvest souls for Death.
Published Apr 30, 2016
The Chinese version of Kingdom Under Fire II has a new trailer available featuring the elven ranger. The video shows plenty of gameplay action. The new class will be entering the game later in May so be sure to check out her abilities an...
Published Apr 30, 2016
The Shroud of the Avatar team will be on hand on Monday, May 2nd, from 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern to participate in the Duel with the Devs Spring Telethon. During the event, participants can duel with the devs, earn prizes, including t...
Published Apr 30, 2016
Seven years ago the Webzen games portal opened and the team is ready to celebrate with its tens of thousands of fans. Special events will be taking place in all of Webzen's titles, including ASTA, C9, Flyff, MU Online and Rappelz. Events...
Published Apr 30, 2016
Have you ever wanted to play Funcom's The Secret World? If so, you have a new opportunity thanks to the new 10 day trial available on the official site.
Published Apr 30, 2016
Guild News

GW2's expansion: Heart of Thorns, launches at midnight of the 23rd.

If you've been away from the game for awhile, I encourage you to come back and try out the new features and content.  As a reminder, we're all one guild now and for PVE purposes it does not matter what server you are on. Also, any member can invite--so if you've somehow been moved from the ranks, just shoot us a message.  I'll be on as Gavi.9538

Warlords of Draenor

Looking for a good raiding time?  We've got you covered.

We're now offering two raids over three nights:  A Thursday @8PM/Sunday @7PM run and a Saturday @9:30PM group (Eastern Time).  Check the forums for requirements and let us know if you're interested in joining one or both of the raiding teams as we gear up to head into Blackrock Foundry!

For those watching the development on Star Citizen, good news about multiplayer!  The multiplayer part of Arena Commander is currently getting rolled out in stages amongst the player community, with earliest backers and most active bug reporters at the top of the rollout list.

Have you gotten an email with an invite yet?  Let us know in the forums!

Arimas *salute* new to the forums here and not decided about the game yet... but optimistic now after I keep reading about the ...
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