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MMO News
Trove testers will wave goodbye to their current worlds and characters with the closure of the alpha test later tonight. Trove will reopen on Thursday, September 25th in the afternoon in beta form, complete with new worlds and new charac...
Published Sep 23, 2014
Luckily, the MMO is not as dead as Blizzard's Project Titan. It seems like it can't be true, right? After seven years of development, reassessing, and waiting... Blizzard is officially canceling Project Titan. As they did with Warcraft A...
Published Sep 23, 2014
The Star Trek Online site has been updated with a new blog post that shows off the shiny new Tier 6 ships that will be arriving with the Delta Rising expansion due out in October. Players can look forward to the Guardian Cruiser, the Dau...
Published Sep 23, 2014
After deploying the patch later today, EverQuest II users should see some significant performance improvements in several key areas including graphics, playability and overall functionality. The dev team has also indicated that even more...
Published Sep 23, 2014
Guild News
For those watching the development on Star Citizen, good news about multiplayer!  The multiplayer part of Arena Commander is currently getting rolled out in stages amongst the player community, with earliest backers and most active bug reporters at the top of the rollout list.

Have you gotten an email with an invite yet?  Let us know in the forums!

Arimas *salute* new to the forums here and not decided about the game yet... but optimistic now after I keep reading about the ...
scoutmedic Hello CoF, I just joined the site. I will be online today after work and hopefully a little more tonight, depending upo ...
Cerebus a Hey Revit, I'll look for you tonight!
ESO provides an amazing amount of variety in how you play, but what base class will you start with to customize?

Did you beta test ESO for the final weekend, and did it make up your mind one way or the other on pre-ordering Elder Scrolls Online?

Let us know in this poll!

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Tokyo is a brutal death zone
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