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MMO News
The Guild Wars 2 site has been updated with a new post by ArenaNet's Mike Zadorojny that discussing "sweeping changes to the Fractals of the Mists".
Published Jul 30, 2015
Obsidian Entertainment and have announced that a big update is headed into Skyforge on August 11th. Called "Crucible of the Gods", the update will feature tongs of feature improvements, bug fixes and the addition of the ...
Published Jul 30, 2015
This Saturday will mark a seminal point in the competitive PvP portion of Ark: Survival Evolved with the arrival of the Survival of the Fittest battle for $20,000 in a no-holds barred deathmatch. The team will be broadcasting the event l...
Published Jul 30, 2015
Production was an integral part of medieval society and was inseparable from the day to day lives of those that lived in that period. It was a time of self-sufficiency where everyone had a rudimentary understanding of every craft. Howeve...
Published Jul 30, 2015
Guild News

Warlords of Draenor

Looking for a good raiding time?  We've got you covered.

We're now offering two raids over three nights:  A Thursday @8PM/Sunday @7PM run and a Saturday @9:30PM group (Eastern Time).  Check the forums for requirements and let us know if you're interested in joining one or both of the raiding teams as we gear up to head into Blackrock Foundry!

For those watching the development on Star Citizen, good news about multiplayer!  The multiplayer part of Arena Commander is currently getting rolled out in stages amongst the player community, with earliest backers and most active bug reporters at the top of the rollout list.

Have you gotten an email with an invite yet?  Let us know in the forums!

Arimas *salute* new to the forums here and not decided about the game yet... but optimistic now after I keep reading about the ...
scoutmedic Hello CoF, I just joined the site. I will be online today after work and hopefully a little more tonight, depending upo ...
Cortynh a Hey Revit, I'll look for you tonight!
ESO provides an amazing amount of variety in how you play, but what base class will you start with to customize?

Nice one Lyel
Revival looks pretty cool.
it was cold ouside. pokes head back into hole, and flips garrison followers quests.
pokes head out of hole, looks around. yawns. goes back outside.
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