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End of an Era

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KKKKKEEEERRRZZZZ!!!!! (nekkid shade hug!)

And yes, I have been watching the development of The Secret World with great interest since it was first announced. Never got into closed beta, but judging from the beta weekends, it looks like it has the potential to be the my next big mmorpg poison of choice, just as its older brother was. Funcom being Funcom, it isn't quite there yet, but I do see the potential.
Posted Jun 28, 12 · Last edited Jun 28, 12
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Kerz wrote:
You can add Saketh and probably me to the list although only one of us would be online at any one time since his computer is the only one that can run the game :)

ouch... :)
Posted Jun 28, 12
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I'm getting back in the game for a bit. A friend and I are exploring some F2P games, and I offered to show him some AO. Would someone with officer rights be able to login and promote one of my alts to Officer so I can send him an invite? He joined CoF in GW2.

My currently active Org member is named: Kevrok

Posted Apr 5, 14
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I'm still subscribed but haven't been actively playing recently. I'll pop in some this week and see if I can catch you online. You have to be logged in and I need to target your character in game to promote or invite to the org (ancient mechanic is ancient). It's not possible to promote or invite people while they are offline, unfortunately.
Posted Apr 5, 14
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Alright, I'll try to be online on east coast evenings this week. My new alt is named "Tassilo" so I might be on him as well.
Posted Apr 6, 14
281 posts
Heh, logged in today and someone recognized my Org tag in Rome Red. A "Reignofnoobs" of Dawn of War, he said he didn't think sv-9 still existed.
Posted Apr 7, 14
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Cool, glad to see there still some folks that remember us! :)
Posted Apr 16, 14 · OP
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