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GW2 refer a friend trial program

5 replies
Arenanet wrote:
We want you to experience Guild Wars 2 and Lost Shores with your friends, so on Monday November 12, we will turn on Refer a Friend Free Trial. You will be able to invite up to 3 Friends to play Guild Wars 2 with you for free from November 15-18.

To do so, you need a Guild Wars 2 account in good standing that was created before 23:59 PST (7:59 GMT) on November 6.

We will give you more details once the program goes live, but start thinking about who you want to invite!
Posted Nov 7, 12 · OP
Great! Now all i need is a friend :/
Posted Nov 8, 12
To make it sound a little less sad you should have at least said: "Great! Now all I need is a friend who doesn't already play!" :p
Posted Nov 8, 12 · OP
Cool, going to ask my cousin to try. Is server pop still full or people are able to join our server?
Posted Nov 8, 12
That is a good question Shic... over half of the servers are listed as FULL for NA, including Jade Quarry. I know that this was changing daily, but with transfers being limited now I am not sure if this will make it harder to get people on the same server or not...
Posted Nov 8, 12 · OP
Living in the EU timezone, I find Jade Quarry usually at "high" or even "medium" status.

So all you might have to do is getting up at around 4am EST...

Posted Nov 9, 12